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- said Rosen in a statement released by the British Olympic Association.
- Samsung excites Nigerians with Samsung Mobile Live
- When I was the chairman of cycling federation
- Considering the carnage that the world would have witnessed if the terror suspect
- thinks litigation

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 said Rosen in a statement released by the British Olympic Association. Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

Georgia confirmed they will compete in the Games as a tribute to Kumaritashvili and marched as scheduled at the ceremony, wearing black arm bands and looking visibly upset.

Georgian team at opening ceremony

The Georgian team wore black arm bands at the opening ceremony

Officials concluded the track was not unsafe but that the athlete “did not compensate properly” going into a bend.

“To what extent are we just little lemmings that they just throw down a track and we’re crash-test dummies? I mean, this is our lives.”

“I know they are looking into this and, should it be deemed necessary for them to introduce additional measures, they will do so.”

Among those who crashed, Romania’s Violeta Stramaturaru was knocked unconscious for a few minutes and taken to hospital.

“This resulted in a late entrance into curve 16 and although the athlete worked to correct the problem he eventually lost control of the sled resulting in the tragic accident.

“We know that the international federation, the IOC and (Vancouver organisers) have no higher priority than ensuring our safety, on and off the field of play.

A minute’s silence was also observed for Kumaritashvili.

The Olympic and Canadian Flags were lowered to half mast while the Georgian athletes placed a black patch on their national flag.

The 21-year-old Georgian died when his sled flipped and he smashed into a steel pole during a final training run at the Whistler Sliding Centre.


1964 Innsbruck – British luger Kazimierz Kay-Skrzypeski and Aussie skier Ross Milne (training accidents)

1988 Calgary – Austrian team doctor Jorg Oberhammer (snow vehicle collision)

1992 Albertville – Swiss skier Nicolas Bochatay (snow vehicle collision)

2010 Vancouver – Georgian luger Nodar Kumaritashvili (training crash)

Luge goes ahead after death at 2010 Winter Olympics

Australia’s Hannah Campbell-Pegg added: “I think they are pushing it a little too much.

The track is where British competitor Adam Rosen crashed during training in October last year. He suffered a dislocated hip as well as nerve and tendon damage.

Their comments followed earlier accidents, including one involving gold medal favourite Armin Zoeggeler of Italy and several during women’s luge training runs on Wednesday.

Kumaritashvili had been set to make his Olympic debut at the Whistler track

The luge event at the Winter Olympics will go ahead on Saturday despite the death of Nodar Kumaritashvili.

“Based on these findings the race director, in consultation with the FIL, made the decision to reopen the track following a raising of the walls at the exit of curve 16 and a change in the ice profile.

Before the incident, British skeleton slider Amy Williams told BBC Sport: “I just hope Whistler is safe and that there aren’t too many crashes and serious injuries.”

The track at Whistler, which is shared by the sports of luge, skeleton and bobsleigh, already has a reputation as one of the fastest – and most dangerous – in the world.

“This was done as a preventative measure,Canads Goose Down Jackets In Uk, in order to avoid that such an extremely exceptional accident could occur again.”

After intensive rehabilitation, Rosen made the team for his second Winter Games and was taking part in the same training session when Kumaritashvili crashed.

His sled remained on the track, and the visor from his helmet appeared to continue down the ice.

The crash happened hours before the opening ceremony, which was dedicated in his honour.

“This tragedy casts a shadow over these Games,” said a visibly upset International Olympic Committee (IOC) president Jacques Rogge, while International Luge Federation chief Josef Fendt said the incident was “the gravest thing that can happen in sport”.

The decision to go ahead was taken after probes by local coroners and the International Luge Federation (FIL).

A statement on the Vancouver 2010 website said: “It appears after a routine run, the athlete came late out of curve 15 and did not compensate properly to make correct entrance into curve 16.

Medical staff at the track and doctors at a local hospital tried to resuscitate Kumaritashvili, part of a seven-strong Georgian team, but the country’s Olympic delegation later confirmed he had died as a result of his injuries.

Kumaritashvili’s sled struck the inside of the track’s last turn during his sixth and final training run,canada goose expedition parka women, sending his body into the air and over a concrete wall.

Devastated Rogge reacts to luge tragedy

In the build-up to the Games several teams had raised concerns about the safety of athletes, who regularly exceed 90mph as they compete, though Kumaritashvili crashed at a corner which had not been previously identified as a danger area.

“The technical officials of the FIL were able to retrace the path of the athlete and concluded there was no indication that the accident was caused by deficiencies in the track.

Two extra training runs will be held at the circuit on Saturday morning,canada goose official website, nine hours before the medal competition begins at 1700 (0100 GMT).

“We are a family in luge, so a sudden and tragic loss such as this impacts everyone deeply,” said Rosen in a statement released by the British Olympic Association.

As a precaution, the walls at the exit of the final curve, where Kumaritashvili was thrown from the track, will be raised.

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 Samsung excites Nigerians with Samsung Mobile Live Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

B7320 is a Windows Mobile professional messaging phone with a full QWERTY keypad. It comes in Windows Mobile 6.1 operating system, upgradeable to 6.5 and supports key corporate mobile solutions like MS Exchange Activesync and IBM Lotus Notes Traveller. It is an extension of one‘s office and acts like a computer in one‘s palm.

Samsung Mobile Live will be held at Silverbird Galleria in Lagos and Abuja. The event will take place in specially constructed booths with interactive multimedia screens, live phones and games consoles. The public is encouraged try out the live phones to get a hands-on experience on a Samsung phone. There is also a life size interactive phone model to enhance the customers‘ experience.

I8000 is a full touch wide screen mobile with a 3.7” AMOLED display with a touch optimized user interface. It has a 5MP camera, DVD like video recorder with video editing tools. I8000 is a powerful business tool with fast internet connection,canada goose womens coats, push email and Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync provide seamless round the clock updated email.

Samsung Electronics Co., Limited on Friday launched Samsung Mobile Live. An experiential road show that comprises of a range of messaging and infotainment activities designed to create a new customer experience for Samsung phone users.

Samsung excites Nigerians with Samsung Mobile Live

By Agency Reporter,canadian goose jacket, Published: Sunday, 21 Mar 2010

The highlight of the road show is Samsung‘s range of messaging phones, I8000,canada goose jacket women, B7320, Corby S3653, B3410, Corby Txt B3210 and Corby Pop C3510. These models are ergonomically designed to make texting fun and easy. The range is targeted at the youth segment and the young at heart. The range has a one click access to social networking sites like Facebook, Myspace, and Picassa. These networking sites are becoming increasingly popular in Nigeria. It will keep its target segment in touch with its online community of friends.

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 When I was the chairman of cycling federation Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

How can we bring back the glory to sport in Nigeria?

Do you see the Super Eagles doing well under the new coach Lars Lagerback?

At 80, do you still maintain your links with sport?

What we have are administrators who put in all their effort into football. The Nigerian government spent billions of naira on football, but the youths do not benefit from it because there is no programme that will gulp the money. The money therefore ends up in some people‘s pocket. In Nigeria, we go after talented players that some coaches trained and developed in Europe,North Face Ski, whereas there are so many talented youths within who are being neglected. We do not need to go after players in Europe,Christian Louboutin Wedges, what we should do is to develop our talented youths and turn them into a brand.

For three months‘ preparation for the next World Cup, we went to Europe to bring a coach and promised him millions of naira. We neglect our own people and help other countries build their own resources. The salary that Nigeria will pay Lars Lagerback can build a standard facility that will be of great benefit to thousands of youths instead of an individual.

Is it possible to make leadership of the sports federation unattractive?

At Amaltinco, we made history by being the first club in Nigeria to play in football boots. Clubs at the time played on bare feet and the first team Nigeria sent to play in England played without boots. We came to Lagos to employ the late Teslim Balogun to play for Amaltinco. My father offered him everything to play for us.

I found God through football. One day, we were playing football in school when a group of European missionaries passed. They stopped to watch the game and at the end of the match, they called me and my friends and told us that we were good footballers. We were Christians but they invited us to a programme where they thought us more about God and Jesus. But they gave us a rule and said we must not play football on a Sunday.

I am over 80 years now and I still feel like doing what I was doing 40 years ago. The spirit, soul and body came together to form a man. The Lord needs a healthy body to do His work. Anointing without a healthy body is useless. If I sit in a place I will not be able to reach out and tell people about God. I need to do a lot of things to be healthy and be useful to God.

I would have loved to fight among the best but my father stopped my progress in the sport. I belonged to the Zik Athletics Cup in Nigeria. My best fight was against Dick Topin who worked for the West African Pilot. He was the lightweight champion in Nigeria. I beat him in a non-title match but it was just fun to me. My father was angry that I was getting involved in the sports too deeply so he stopped me from boxing citing the case of his friend,Cheap North Face, whose son had his ear drum blown in a boxing fight.

We agreed but three months after, we went back to playing football on Sundays. We thought they were not coming again. We were playing a Catholic School one day when a vehicle stopped beside the pitch. I recognised the vehicle as the one that brought the missionaries the last time we met them. We felt so bad that we failed to obey a simple rule. After the game, they called us again and called us ‘scaly wags of the world‘.

But we have youths who aid disruption despite sports‘ popularity in Nigeria. Recently, people were killed in Jos and majority of those arrested were youths.

It is possible if the government is sincere with the future of the nation. To ensure that being a chairman or president of sports association and federation is less attractive to politicians, we need to make sure that there is regular public statement on how money voted for youth development is spent. Not every child can go to a university but we can make them useful for the nation and for themselves through sports and I mean not only football. There is money for all participants in all sports.

During the All Africa Games in Nigeria, it was mandatory that the host nation had an association for all sports. Cycling was not popular at the time so nobody wanted to be a member of the federation which was just formed. Everybody wanted to be in football. I persuaded the late Gen. Abba Abdukadri, John Eluese, Jimmy Babalola and Peter Hospidalis, a West Indian who knew the game well, to join me in putting up a structure on which cycling federation now stands.

With a rich background in football, how did you become cycling federation president?

We visited Lagos every year for the Governor‘s Cup which later became the Challenge Cup. We were playing the competition at the King George the fifth stadium which is now Onikan Stadium. I also represented the Plateau Football Association on the board of Nigeria Football Association. In Jos, the people called me the scorpion with the wings because I was very fast and took decision quickly. Because of sport, I married so late in life.

When I was the chairman of cycling federation, we built a velodrum for the nation in Abuja. Today, it is useful for several sporting events. How many of such facility has our sport administrators built with government money? Instead, they get richer by taking the money home. Everybody wants to be in football because of the money that government pumps into it. I call on the oil companies, telecommunications companies and companies in other industries to take up the challenge and establish football clubs and sports clubs instead of fighting for sponsorship rights of the Premier League. Sports is money but government‘s participation will never give the youths the opportunity to develop.

At 80, Rev. Moses Iloh has refused to take a break from physical activities. He was forced to stop riding bicycle after a commercial bus driver knocked him down. In this interview with FEMI ATOYEBI, he spoke about the dangers in allowing politicians to take over sports while the youths are neglected.

I played for the Plateau football team with my elder brother who also worked for the tin mine company.

We should encourage private ownership of clubs in Nigeria instead of government funding every club sides. I have told the story of how we played for clubs founded by companies and individuals in Jos. Why can‘t we have more of such sport clubs by the companies? Sport is not government business and if it must be involved, it must be through the grassroots. The local government must be mandated to build at least an Olympic standard sports facility. It could be a tennis court, cycling track, boxing gym or swimming pool. There must be coaches available to train athletes in each of the venues. This will bring employment and erase vices among the youths because they get busy every day.

Did you ever win a major boxing title?

I was nicknamed scorpion with the wings because of my talent –Iloh

By FEMI ATOYEBI, Published: Saturday, 3 Apr 2010

Apart from boxing, which other sport did you participate in at the top level?

On Monday I went to the English and phonetic teacher and asked him the meaning of the words. He said they were bad words and that we should not associate with those who called us the name. He said they were bad people. My friends did not go to them again but I was going to meet them. I thought ‘how can white people be bad people?‘ I started following them to the market to preach to the people.

We organised cycling for the games and the Europeans who came to watch were so impressed with the way it went. We were given scholarship to go for training in Cardiff. The late Abba and I passed while Babalola made a lower grade. Being the cycling federation president, I was a member of the Nigeria Olympics Committee. The International Olympic Committee gave me an award for giving life to cycling in Africa.

You now lead a Christian congregation. How did you come across the cross?

Every country stands on a tripod. One leg is politics, the other leg is religion while the last one is sport. In Nigeria today, the politics has been hijacked while religious intolerance has led to the death of thousands of people. The only one leg that is still holding this country together is sport, unfortunately, the future of Nigeria is shaky because the only leg it is standing on is losing strength.

I still do cycling but I know longer do it on the road. Commercial bus drivers are reckless in Nigeria and, I was knocked down by one of them while riding a bicycle. My children stopped from resuming after treatment.

I was born into a sports family. My father had a football club on the Plateau called The Royals. He worked with a British company called Amalgamated Tin Mine of Nigeria Limited which also had its own football club called Amaltinco. I was involved in the two teams because I also worked for the company when I returned from school. As a young child, I was strong and participated in many sports. I was a boxer and a footballer at the same time. At the Government School, Jos, we had everything to become whatever we wanted to be.

Boxing teaches a lot of how human beings should relate. After 12 rounds of fighting, the two boxers come close and hug themselves. The loser goes home to resume training and aim to be the winner another day. It‘s a challenge to do better. Nigerian politicians must learn from the way sport is done in the open. There is fair judgment in sport and losers accept defeat.

What was it like growing up in Jos?

Unfortunately, Nigerians accept the role to lead sporting association because of what they will get from it not because of what they can contribute. There is nothing like sports development everywhere in the world. What we have is developing the youths through sports. That is a philosophy that Nigeria no longer accept because it involves long term planning, proper administration and transparency. Everybody cannot be a footballer and that was why I opted out to develop the youths through cycling. I have a cycling club and it is very expensive for individual owner to run and for members to be part of it. This is what the government should do to help our youths.

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 Considering the carnage that the world would have witnessed if the terror suspect Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

Oke-Agbe, Ondo State.

The regular religious uprising in the North, and the attendant killing and maiming of innocent people by religious fanatics are enough reasons to categorise Nigeria among the so-called ‘countries of interest.’

Make Nigeria governable and see the way the world will treat us.

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 thinks litigation Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

,mens canada goose parka
The governor expressed dissatisfaction with the claims made by the firm that its managing director had an accident and became paralysed shortly after signing the contract.

“The state government is trying to avoid a situation where commissioners and permanent secretaries cannot express themselves, not to talk of handling sensitive issues that affect the state.

He said the investor was expected to build a hotel estimated to cost N2.5bn out of which the state government was to provide N500m as counterpart funding.

Governor Babangida Aliyu, who revealed this on Wednesday at a workshop on PPP organised by the Niger State Development Corporation for the state‘s public servants, threatened that a legal action would be taken to recover the sum.

Aliyu lamented the incident and vowed that the state government would do everything possible to recover the fund.

However, while the state government reportedly paid the specified amount, the contractor failed to fulfil his own part of the contract.

He explained that the government discovered that contrary to the claims by the company that it was ready and had the resources to finance the project, it was a sketch that was fraudulently presented to the government.

We will not allow things to degenerate to such a point where people who have not seen the four walls of a classroom will be allowed to take strategic positions in the affairs of the state, because we want role models for our children,” he added.

”The state government will do everything possible to recover the fund. If we fail to settle the matter amicably, we will go to court. We cannot afford to and we will not lose the money to the firm. We released the money because the state government is desirous of having a Five Star Hotel in Minna,canada goose men s parka,” he said.

Speaking on the recent promotion of permanent secretaries in the state, Aliyu defended the promotions saying that they were done on merit.

He also expressed concern over the Millennium Park Project in Minna, which was abandoned shortly after the site was cleared,Canada Goose Women MonteBello, saying that the contractor attributed his failure to continue with the project to his inability to access loans from the banks.

Niger loses N500m to PPP, thinks litigation

By Francis Falola, Published: Saturday, 30 Jan 2010

Niger State Governor, Dr. Muazu Babangida Aliyu

The Niger State Government has disclosed the loss of N500m to an investor who proposed to build a five-star hotel in the state under the state‘s Public Private Partnership programme.

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